Big Data is
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March 28
Moscow, Russia
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The BIG DATA 2018 Business Forum is
the year's primary event focused on
big data and analytics

program director, BIG DATA 2018
« If we own data, we own the world. This would not be an overstatement if 'own' means 'being able to collect, analyze, and make sense' of all data relevant to our operations. Data is the foundation of digital transformation, a necessary and mandatory driver of innovation. To make that true, however, your data must not only be BIG, but also necessarily SMART: your business must adopt the most efficient big data methods, solutions, and technologies. We will discuss ways to achieve that at the BIG DATA 2018 Forum».
BIG DATA 2018 will highlight all key challenges of using data in the period
of moving to digital economy, the economy based on data

Keynote speakers
Implemented projects
Trends and forecasts
Main topics
« Algorithmic business»: data as the foundation of decision-making, optimization, and creating new business processes
Industry 4.0: data science and artificial intelligence in industrial manufacturing
Big data analytics for customer-facing and HR operations
Big data projects in government, healthcare, utilities, and social services
Machine learning: Current uses and business outlook
Choosing a platform: Solutions for big data collection and analysis
Data governance: From chaos to order and data quality
The security of big data and big data for security
Law, ethics, and culture of big data
You should attend to
Learn how to make efficient use of data a critical success factor of digital transformation
Get to know the latest innovations in big data, machine learning and advanced analytics along with powerful real-world applications
Get advice on addressing issues related to data collection and intelligent analysis
Discuss regulatory and ethics issues surrounding big data
Make new business contacts, outline your expertise and innovations to colleagues and like-minded people
Learn how to become a Chief Data Officer, and get to know actual CDOs
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Alexey Minin
«Expolerators» as a Response to Digital Economy Challenges
The explosive growth of robotics, artificial intelligence systems and big data technologies combined with globalization create an environment where all products and services compete on a planetary scale. As global platforms are being established with the digital economy paradigm taking over, only truly innovative products and services can be profitable, creating jobs and generating income for the government.

With technology being the main pillar of growth, the ability to rapidly innovate will be a key competitive advantage of people, businesses, and governments. Thus, «exponential technologies», i.e. the ones that enable exponential growth, will be critical to success of companies and even entire nations. Such technologies, however, could be applied only to existing assets. The potential of digital economy in Russia would be unlocked not by accelerators (considering that in the current environment, investment portfolio management is a monumental challenge), but rather by «expolerators» (exponential accelerators), capable of combining the resources of state-owned corporations with the agility of startups, financed through the monetization of intellectual property and its further global commercialization. This will be facilitated by the technology potential and human capital available in Russia.
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Andzhey Arshavskiy
Big Data in Production
The presentation describes practical approaches to Big Data, Advanced Analytics, and Machine Learning application to production problem solving. Case studies include solutions developed for NLMK steelmaking efficiency improvement. The techniques and tools covered in the presentation can be used for all sorts of production. Peculiarities of the mentioned technology application in complex manufacturing vs. banking and Internet segments will also be explained.
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Vladimir Chernatkin
Big Data for Digital Production: Case Studies
SIBUR will share their expertise in applying Big Data tools for petrochemical production problem solving; supporting Industry 4.0 approaches with Big Data and IoT; and technical and organizational details of Big Data utilization in digital production.
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Vladimir Soloviev
Smart University: IoT Helps Analyzing Student Engagement
IT industry progress drives significant improvements in education quality. Discussion on benefits, drawbacks, and transformation opportunities of traditional classroom-based education has been held for a long time now. Having used mobile devices «from the cradle», modern-day students can often find more complete, accurate, and up-to-date information on most theoretical and practical subjects than their lecturer can offer. Moreover, sometimes online information is delivered in a more engaging and efficient form than in classes. Are students interested? Are they able to follow their teacher? Is the teaching material being delivered in an understandable way? How much the students are involved in the educational process in classes? These questions come to the forefront in the era of digital education. Until recently, there was virtually no ability to monitor student engagement level, considering that, for example, only in Moscow buildings of the Financial University classes are taught daily from 8:30 am till 10:00 pm in over 500 classrooms.

The Financial University will outline the development and deployment of a cloud service that continuously analyzes feeds from video cameras installed in classrooms, identifying students" faces with machine learning models, detecting emotions, and determining engagement level, followed by aggregation of the data by student groups, departments, courses, etc., and visualization through interactive dashboards.
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Vitaly Bodganov
Light: From Product to Service. IoT and Big Data as the Foundation of Novel Business Models
LED revolution has reinvented the lighting industry. Lamps turned into electronic equipment—and got smart faster than many other elements of urban/industrial infrastructure, joining the IoT and Digital technology revolution.

Data, its collection, management and analysis all play a key role in new business models. Is device status data enough for Lifecycle Services provision? Can the volume data aggregated throughout the lighting system lifecycle have a business value of its own? Heatmaps and the facility visitor behavior analysis are merely two of the most obvious examples.

What do, then, manufacturers base their future success on: should they be selling devices, services, or data?
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Ilya Yasny
Big Data and Pharmaceuticals
I will speak about how the use of big data changes drug development landscape and administration practices. Big data analytics is already being used for drug discovery and development, as well as for evaluating medication efficiency, safety, and economic feasibility. I will highlight issues that big data help address, as well as limitations of big data use.
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