November 26, 2019


Enterprise DevOps 2019 – the conference about DevOps as a management approach and its role in digital transformation

The popularity of DevOps is growing, but what is the real value of this approach for businesses that are now looking for the most effective way of their digital modernization?
At the conference we will discuss DevOps with immersion:
Nataliya Dubova
Enterprise DevOps agenda leader
«When switching to digital, the creation of software products and services becomes the core of any activity, and business success becomes directly dependent on the speed and flexibility of interactions of IT teams among themselves and with business customers. DevOps philosophy, correctly understood and translated into practical methods and tools, will provide the company with a reliable core for the implementation of the most daring initiatives.

But for this, understanding DevOps needs to rise above the technical details and analysis of the code life cycle and try to understand what changes this philosophy will require from managing the IT organization and business, their relationship with each other, the culture of interaction between people and processes in cross-functional teams covering the entire organization»
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Major topics
DevOps principles in theory and practice.
The main drivers of the implementation
DevOps in the overall enterprise governance system.
DevOps and Lean, DevOps and Agile, DevOps and ITSM
Corporate culture of DevOps:
cross-functional interaction between people and process integration
"Outside view" on DevOps from:
development, operations, CIOs, CDOs and business executives
DevOps way: where to start and how to develop.
Success stories and anatomy of failures
DevOps automation frameworks and tools:
SAFe, test automation, CI/CD pipeline, version control systems, configuration management, collaboration environments, etc.
Forum agenda features
Expert reports
Case studies
Master classes
You have to take part in, if
Your company is just starting their journey in DevOps, and needs guidance and experience sharing to determine the right direction
You are already working on DevOps, you are looking to evolve, improve and tell others about your experience
You are thinking about whether your company needs DevOps, you want to understand the methods and principles and evaluate the benefits and potential losses from the implementation of the DevOps corporate culture
We are waiting for:
  • Business executives and department heads
  • Chief Digital Officers and digital transformation leaders
  • Chief Information Officers and IT department managers
  • IT managers
  • DevOps team leaders
  • Team leaders of development and testing
  • Heads of IT operations
к докладчикам
Kaimar Karu,
partner, Minibridge
Pragmatic DevOps

к докладчикам
Oleg Skrynnik,
managing partner, Cleverics
One does not need measurements to manage a product team (or does it?)

к докладчикам
Alexandr Polomodov,
CTO, Tinkoff
DevOps culture: myths and realities

к докладчикам
Alexander Antonov,
technical architect, Sportmaster
Deploy by Devops: rhythmic and predictable

к докладчикам
Alexey Ionov,
managing partner, Ionov&Partners

к докладчикам
Anton Isanin,
development director, AlfaStrakhovanie

к докладчикам
Roman Jouravlev,
ITSM Portfolio Development Manager, AXELOS

We look forward to seeing you!
Palmira business club
(Moscow, Novodanilovskaya quay, 6)