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Moscow, June 4th, 2019
Infospace Event Hall
(Moscow, 1st Zachatievsky per., 4)

IT Management Forum
the main event of the year for IT management
professionals and their business partners

Natalia Dubova
ITMF Agenda Director
"Every smart factory or city would collapse, if you don't manage IT, which it rely on. Our forum takes place in the period of profound transformational changes, when digital technology is the one that is responsible for reliable and effective operation of economy and society. Responding to new challenges, professional IT management itself enriches with new methods, tools, and experience. More than 15 years already ITMF has been reflecting the most important stages of this evolution and perfection, and today we are ready to reveal you secrets of how to succeed on the way to Digital Economy."
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Major topics
Why should you take part in ITMF 2019
ITMF is the only forum on Russia, where all major topics concerning to IT management are discussed
International experts, who are directly involved in the global development of management standards and methods, speak on our forum every year
Here you will learn about the best IT management practices from high-class professionals of russian and global companies
ITMF is not only rich reports' tracks, but also discussions on the hottest topics, master classes from gurus and even mini versions of business games
Of course, our forum is an excellent platform for business and friendly communication with associates, experience interchange with IT chiefs from different economic spheres and acquisition of prospective business contacts
You will make use of this day and definitely will not be bored!
ITMF Award
We are waiting for

Business executives and department heads
Chief Digital Officers and digital transformation leaders
Chief Information Officers and IT department managers
Service managers
Team leads, Agile and DevOps project managers
Service Desk heads and analysts
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Dr. Mauricio Corona
Mauricio Corona holds a PhD in Business Administration, a Master's Degree in Information Technology, a BsC in Computer Sciences, besides being an ITIL4 architect and author, he has 20 Official ITIL Certifications as well as COBIT, ISO 20000 & 27000, Prince2 and MCP certifications. This kind of qualifications holds Mauricio as one of the most qualified ITSM world leaders. He's considered by several organizations as one of the Thought Leaders in Technical Support and Service Management, one of the IT Service Management: Top 100 Influencers and Brands and one of the 27 world leaders in IT.
His career has excelled as a true leader in helping organizations to adapt and adopt complete solutions related to Service Management and ITSM in different organizational areas and industries on several countries as well as being a CTO, IT service delivery manager, international speaker in Europe Asia and America, professor at postgraduate programs as well as scientific researcher and international speaker on scientific and practitioners forums.
He is the Chief of Transformation Officer at the Service Desk Institute with headquarters in London, Advisor and board member at BP Gurus with headquarters in Mexico City as well as an executive advisor of people and companies across the globe.
Lean & Intelligent Service Desk, the key to achieve Customer Experience

Achieving the right Customer Experience for your users, it's not only a traditional Critical Success factor, it actually tells you that you are in the right direction. Nowadays, companies are focusing on being lean, agile, having the right management system to handle their processes and practices, besides cybersecurity, compliance, governance, etc. The main question I've received from the C level like CEO's, CIO's CTO's the last 5 years is, all these topics and best practices are ok but, when my customers and users will perceive all of these supposed benefits? The answer is, by assuring that everything your company is doing, underpins the Customer Experience and, the modern Service Desk, is leading the way in this topic. At this session, you'll learn how companies across the globe are getting the best out from best practices and automation technologies to create a delightful customer experience.
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Roman Jouravlev
ITSM Portfolio Development Manager

IT & Business: 15 years later

It was June 2004. The first OSP IT management conference – known now as ITMF – took place in Moscow. The theme of that conference was "Enterprise IT service management: how to overcome IT and business disunity?"
15 years passed. Let's have a look at how things changed since then. Is there still a disunity problem? What have been done to overcome it in IT and management practice? Have all those standards and frameworks been helpful at all – as many emerged or were updated since then? How is the IT-to-Business relationship seen by ITIL 4 architects? What is the future of IT in business and business in IT?
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Olga Pavlenko
digital services development advisor
Charitable Fund Downside Up

Digital services for people with Down syndrome
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Yana Krukhmaleva
Head of project and risk management system implementation

Digitalization of Project and Risk Management – Gazprom experience

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Oleg Egorkin
Agile Coach

Management practices in Agilec

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Tanja Milek
Director of Methodology and Unification

Project management in the age of digital transformation

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Anton Boganov
itSMF Russia


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Nikolay Zenchenko
Head of architecture solutions department

Unified SLA engine for multi-phased tasks
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Maxim Grigoriev
Executive Partner

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Yuri Masloboynikov
Head of technical support
DIT Moscow

"City solutions": how to automate KPI calculation for external performers
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Information Partners
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