May 25 2017

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IT Management Forum – ITMF 2017.
IT Management Forum is the annual top event for IT management professionals and their business partners.
The focus topic of ITMF 2017 is the role of IT department in implementing the digital transformation strategy. The move to digital economy has been declared in Russia at the government level. However, making such a transition in businesses, state-financed organizations and government agencies would be impossible without a most active participation of IT. For a digital transformation to succeed, meanwhile, the IT itself must change, building a new management style in close cooperation with business.

ITMF 2017 offers unique opportunities for productive communication and experiences sharing between business managers and CIOs. As always, the Forum will invite world-class experts directly involved in the development of global standards and management practices.

As usual, ITMF 2017 will bring together participants both from Russia and near-abroad.
We will discuss the following topics at the Forum:
Nataliya Dubova,
IT Management Forum – ITMF 2017, Agenda Leader
  • What role should IT department and its management team play in the digital transformation processes
  • What is changing in IT service management with the transition to digital business
  • How to build a digital enterprise architecture
  • How to enable the efficient management of business digitalization
  • How to organize and inspire people for implementing a global change
Main topics of ITMF 2017:
  • IT department and digital transformation: to join or to lead?
  • Traditions and innovation in IT service management: the lessons of implemented projects and new ITSM challenges arising against the backdrop of tectonic shifts in IT
  • Agile and DevOps in practice. Success and failure of using new management methodologies
  • Will artificial intelligence help ITSM? The impact of new technologies on IT management
  • Project management for digital transformation
  • Asset management: accounting for costs and finding hidden reserves
  • Digital enterprise architecture
  • Enterprise Service Management (ESM)
  • The HR issue: new requirements for IT managers; human capital management in innovative projects
  • Risks of digital transformation
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ITMF 2017 offers
Business games, master classes and workshops from world-leading and Russian experts
Plenary keynotes and open discussions
Thematic discussion sessions
ITMF Expo: the event's partners showing off their methodologies and tools for efficient IT management at the exhibition conducted as part of the Forum
Active networking
ITMF 2017 welcomes:
business executives and department-level managers
Chief Digital Officers, heads of digital business transformation
CIOs, IT department heads
service managers
project managers
Service Desk managers and analysts

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