Tools and case studies of real-world
intelligent business automation projects
April 23, 2019

Practice-Oriented Conference "Robotic Process Automation 2019"

Tech executives increasingly view robotic process automation (RPA) as a way to optimize business operations, cut costs, and avoid routine tasks while offering employees more time for creative work.
With RPA requiring proper architecting, planning, and management, the true robotic process automation potential is rarely explained, let alone subjects like how to actually automate certain routine tasks using RPA, how to integrate a robot into existing IT infrastructure step-by-step, or what happens when pitfalls of RPA are ignored.
Dmitry Volkov
program director of practice-oriented conferences held by Open Systems Publications
"Many businesses, including in Russia, already enjoy positive operational efficiency impact created by robotic process automation. We welcome to our conference everyone who wants to master intelligent automation approaches, get to know key RPA tool and platform vendors, and understand, through real-world project case studies, how to get maximum value from robotic solutions."
Focus areas of the conference:
Six reasons to attend:
Get to know best practices: Technology ideas, challenges, and development trends; industry strategies
Networking: Get a chance to integrate into the RPA ecosystem
Find partners to implement robotic business process automation projects
Get professional advice from experts
Improve your "RPA IQ": Achieve an unbiased view of RPA potential, limitations, and use cases to avoid robotic automation project failures
Analyze actual projects to minimize risks, costs, and missteps when implementing your own RPA based solutions
Keynote speakers
RPA в России: платформы, применение, прогнозы
Докладчик уточняется
Виртуальные сотрудники для реального бизнеса
Sergei Yudovsky
Докладчик уточняется
Докладчик уточняется
Докладчик уточняется
UiPath: платформа роботизации бизнес-процессов
Докладчик уточняется

Роботизированная автоматизация на платформе Automation Anywhere Enterprise
Докладчик уточняется

Платформа Blue Prism: архитектура, опыт, особенности
Докладчик уточняется

Как создать центр компетенции по RPA
Илона Абаншина
Роботизация как сервис: интеллектуальная автоматизация в рекрутинге
Павел Гужиков
Риски и решения при реализации RPA-проектов
Александр Бейдер
Participation fee
(ruble fees + VAT in accordance with Cl. 3 Art. 164 of the
Tax Code of Russia).
If paid until 28.02.19
If paid until 10.04.19
For each participant when applying as a group (at least 3 persons).
Video filming of keynote
speech is extra
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The conference welcomes:
  • Business owners, business development and digital transformation executives
  • CIOs and CTOs
  • HR heads
  • Business unit leaders and project managers
  • Business system architects
  • Analysts, consultants, and software developers

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